Govt. of India Recognized STAR EXPORT HOUSE

Centra Exports LLP

“We were born out of the mission to provide global customers access to India’s diverse range of food and consumer durable products. Founded and headed by Rejesh Modi, with over 35 years of successful entrepreneurial endeavors, CENTRA Exports strives to provide its customers with the highest level of service and best-in-class experience.”


  • FMCG and Agri Commodities exports, with a focus on Vegetarian, Non-Alcoholic and Non-Tobacco-Based Products.
  • Home and Kitchen Product
  • Private Label services.
  • Affiliated with 35+ brands and growing.

Our Top Brands

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1187 Madam Logo
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  • Sourcing, Packaging, Compliance, Shipping & Handling services for consolidated products.
  • Committed to supplying freshly prepared items from brands with the longest possible shelf life.
  • Low MOQ possible
  • Individualization of nutrition and ingredient panels for each SKU to fulfill country-specific requirements.
  • Pre- and post-sales support from affiliated brands.
  • Customized packaging to meet the specific needs of clients, particularly in private label jobs.
  • Full-service support on statutory certifications and declarations.


  • Modern warehouse and packaging facility in Mumbai, India’s commercial capital
  • Head office in Mumbai
  • Pan India distributor and logistics network
  • Access to niche brands with unique products across India


Our goal is to become a reliable and trustworthy one-stop shop for clients wishing to import a wide range of products from India. We are proud of our commitment to our clients and to providing high-quality products and services. 

Thank you for taking the time to explore CENTRA EXPORTS LLP for your importing needs. 

Looking forward to collaborate with you!